Original band list

Just before moving from 38th St to 14th St, Sean Taggart made the classic poster of Giant. (See the cover picture above) What’s amazing is that the original art was done on a 3 X 5 inch card stock. When I got the artwork I took it to Giant Photo (yes there was such a place on the corner of 45th and 5th which was the building where I had my first job at Roto-Copy in 1979; but that’s another story.) I had Sean’s art blown up to 3 X 5 feet and mounted on 1/4″ foam board. That poster hung in the lobby of the 14th St Giant for 6 years. No detail was lost in the enlarged version. On the back of a Xeroxed copy of that 3 X 5 card made to legal size I wrote down all the bands and musicians who had rehearsed at Giant 38th St from 1980-86. To advertise the move I made a bunch of copies and put them up all over the East Village.

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