Paquito D’Rivera – 1983

When Paquito D’Rivera the great Cuban saxophonist came to New York he was signed to CBS Records. He did a demo recording at Giant with his band. I remember Montego hanging out for that session and being pretty excited about it.

Paquito D'Rivera Band
Paquito D’Rivera Band

Notice the two long black and white oil painted panels hanging over the drummer? Those were done by Bill Brunson, an artist from NC who lived in the building of my first apartment at 620 E. 6th St. When Giant moved to 14th I gave the panels back to him for safe keeping.

Paquito D'Rivera Band Member - Flute overdub
Paquito D’Rivera Band Member – Flute overdub

Paquito D'Rivera Band Member
Paquito D’Rivera Band Member


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