Paul Steven Ray

Paul Steven Ray - AUMN

My Carnegie Debut
On Sept. 28, 1984 I played at Carnegie Recital Hall with AUMN.
Paul Steven Ray (vibraphone)
Vernon Reid (guitar),
Julian Thayer (bass)
Ciro Baptista (precussion)
Dougie Bowne (drums)
Except for this gig, the band was usually Rael Wesley Grant on bass and without Ciro on percussion. I played trombone thru a full compliment of guitar pedals, especially the old yellow overdrive. When Vernon was taking a solo I would lean the bell of my horn into his amp catching some of his sounds. My whole instrument would vibrate causing his sound to be picked up and processed in a really weird ethereal way. With the angle of my horn I could control the amount of feedback. Then I would sing notes into the mouthpiece which gave me control over the pitch. After a while I was able to produce Vernon’s melody lines only harmonized with bizarre intervals.

After this gig we recorded an album called Wild Air with Eduardo Datcha Tenucci replacing Vernon on guitar, Gregg Carter replacing Dougie on Drums, and Cosa Ross taking Ciro’s percussion spot.

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