The Glitter Factory

I found another undeveloped roll of film. Probably taken by the same mysterious photographer as The View (1986).

  • Fred P.

WOW, a whole site devoted to Giant, how cool. Thanx for doing this, y’all. I can’t believe Carvin let me put my dirty country-punk hands on his mackin’ suit, that suave MF. I miss the days of Bud in cans at work in the daylight. I also can’t believe how young we all looked, in my mind we were all already delapidated (in a good way).

  • Pete C.


Seeing these pics Is a total trip — that one of Pete & Michael Carvin is fucking classic –It’s nice to see that view again — I want to post a lot more but I’m overwhelmed –don’t know where to start — I could write a book- Thanks for getting this shit going Paul — I’m gonna fucking cry

  • Jay W.



This is going to be the COOLEST thing about this site! Seeing posts from people who were MY LIFE back then! Pete, I have the picture from the steps were there was Guitar clobbering! (I’ll try to find it). What about the PERPETUAL night time at 38th street? Damn everyone does look young, I’m freaking old and fat now, with kids who hate me because I am the strictest Dad in the world!

Let’s make the whole site live, tell everyone you know!

Paul, Wacko is righter than right you DO rule! And Fred… you my good man are responsible for ALL of this. I use the “being the boss” skills I learned from you EVERY day at my store!

Thanks to ALL of you!

  • Michael C.

OHHHH SHIT!!! Michaelovich, you freak. Great to know you’re out there. I’ll email you back — I gues your real name is Littlefield, right?

Paul, thank you for getting this up and running, you reggae bum. Doug and I still sing the song we “wrote” about you entitled “Sunday’s My Only Day to Chill, Mon.” I couldn’t agree with you more that the late 70s and ealr to mid 80s in NYC were special, the punk rock ethos of DIY applied to ALL kinds of music, and people from everywhere converging and just making shit happen. You think it’ll always be that way, and then you wake up!

I have a daughter and I still play music, still write songs, gig a fair amount, record a bunch, wish I knew then what I know now, but wish I had now the kind of energy and freedom I had then. I’ll get Hubel to visit the site, that big fairy!

Howdy to all of y’all! Ups to Fred, nice to see old pix of you wandering the as yet unbuilt caverns of 14th Street. And thanx Wacko for cluing me in to this site.

  • Pete C.

I still sing that song ….. to my kids!

  • Michael C.


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