The Triplets 1984

The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
Thad Wheeler with The Triplets
Thad Wheeler
Thad Wheeler
The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets Manager
Glenn McDermott The Triplets Manager

Glenn McDermott was their manager. They were in an MTV contest with their video from the song, “Boys”. It was a call in to win sort of thing so Glenn told everyone he know that he would pay the 99 cents per call on the 900 contest number, I was reimbursed for about $125 for all the calls I made. It paid off, they won and got to record and release an album. Pretty much the entire band was replaced with studio musicians for the album. Thad for instance (who was a pretty damn good drummer and worked on Broadway) was relegated to playing “percussion” while Anton Fig came in to play drums. Jeff Myers was fired from the band, and his on again off again relationship turned “on for good” several years ago when he and Vicky got married (in Vegas I think). Jeff and Vicky live in a house in Studio City in California with her sister Sylvia.

The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
The Triplets
Thad Wheeler

The Triplets Vicky, Sylvia and Dianna, are a pop band based on three sisters of Irish and Mexican descent who are triplets. They came to Giant via Michael Antelis who played Bass in the group. Michael was my partner at Giant for a year or so. He had an 8 track recording studio which we moved into Studio B. With a window looking into the ‘giant’ room (Studio A) it was a pretty sweet setup. A lot of groups recorded there.
The Triplets soon became a fixture. Jeff Meyers who worked at the studio at the time replaced Michael on bass and started going out with one of the triplets. As far as I know they are still together. I saw a show they did at the Lime Light. Those girls could sing great harmony. It was a good show, although the songs were a little too polished for my taste. Besides The Triplets and Jeff, Steve Tarshis played guitar and Thad Wheeler played drums.

Da Willys

One of my all-time favorite bands at Giant has to be Da Willys. I never went to see them live. Never really heard them play except sticking my head in the practice room to give them 5 minutes, but they still rank as one my favorite Giant bands. They were the darlings of the short lived “Scum Rock” scene. Ill post more about this later.

Da Willys consisted of 4 people. Willy was the the bass player. He was really tall with a wild bushy red untamed afro and thick reading glasses. He was a true fan of rock and roll and punk. I see him in all of the old videos and movies with footage from CBGBs and Max’s Kansas City in their heyday, shaking his head wildly in the front row. The drummer was a slight nerdy guy with a mod haircut and geeky square glasses.. the guitar player had greasy wild hair and a leather jacket with hardcore buttons and tight black pants and pointy boots. The lead singer was a large girl who always dressed like a trash movie star from the 30’s or slightly punk with always changing hair color and style.

To me they represented the apex of punk DIY music. Their style spoke loudly when they walked in the door. They were always the most friendly group of freaks (and I mean this in the best way) that walked through the Giant doors. Sometimes Willy would just come up and sit on the couch drinking a 40 and bask in the cacophony of 20 or more bands playing at once. He truly loved rock and roll. The Ramones gave him an audition as a bass player once because he was around the scene for so long and knew everybody.

Scum Rock to me was the apex of rock and roll and its last gasp of creativity before it truly died.

–  Paul H.

They were a real “Band” indeed — Willy was like 7 ft tall–I remember when the village voice finally caught on.. too late — and the drummer died — & then there was “Sharkey’s Machine” –a lot of those people were artists & worked at mags like “High Times” — & a pro wrestling zine years before WWF was in vogue.. all those guys were always extremely nice– Must be how the ended up backing GG Allin –go figure

  • Jay W.


Da Willys recorded output consisted of 1 7-inch single in 1989 and a full-length album, issued on both CD and vinyl, entitled SATUHDAY NIGHT PALSY. Great stuff on them online if you poke around. Check out:

  • Jay W.

The DRUMS! Those goddamn DRUMS!!!

I remember I was working the first Saturday morning (ie., noon) shift at the new space at 14th Street. Everybody had pitched in and framed out the first coridoor’s worth of rooms over a couple of days as I recall (Correct me if I got that wrong Paul, Fred, Mike, or Jay) — I learned about the wonders of sheet rock for the first time, working alongside Bosco, Jay, and my old roommate Ted Proferes who always needed work. And I vaguely remember staple-gunning that wacked out Marcus Garvey print fabric all over one room, with a beer in one hand.

Anyway, I got the new keys and I come in Saturday for the first daytime full-on new Giant shift — I think Fred met me for this one. I got my donut and coffee from the joint on the northwest side of 14th street with the big fat Greek girl who was really nice, and take the elevator up and open the doors. And within a few minutes of being open, this guy comes in: 50-something, an old-school NYC popeye with big black-rimmed glasses, dented, ill-fitting black fedora over gray hair, needs a shave, a cheap-ass long black raincoat. He was short and he looked exhausted and stressed out. He was one of our new neighbors from the 13th Street side, and he wasn’t exactly rolling out the red carpet.

“Jeeziz Christ, the DRUMS, the DRUMS, it sounds like the goddamned jungle up here, what are you, boiling people in oil like in freakin’ Africa… Oy vey, the DRUUMMMSS!”

He had tossed and turned through our first full-on Friday night with the jungle drums of scum rock and ska and punk and all that good Giant stew rattling his rent-controlled apartment. He was old-school SRO NYC all the way!

He sat on the couch and complained to me and Fred (I think) like that for about half an hour, occasionally throwing in: “What is it you people are DOING up here?” Um, we’re a music studio. We just moved in. We can’t afford to wait for construction to be completed, but I assure you, more insulation and soundproofing is on its way! I remember Fred had prepped us for complaints, though I don’t remember exactly what stonewalling tactic we were suppposed to use. Plus I was terrible at that kind of thing, way too sympathetic for the plight of this beleagured old sod, and at the same time trying to keep from laughing.

Anyway, that was one of the first of the encounters with our new neighbors — and as I remember it, Fred ran great interference for a long time to come, keeping the Giant wheels turning and the engine greeezy.

  • Pete C.

Hi Pete
I forgot that you were there that day. I’ve forgotten a lot. Now you spur my memory. I remember that poor guy. His bedroom window was 50 feet from Studio C. He kept saying to me over and over, “Boom, boom,, boom, boom, every night, I feel like I’m being boiled in oil! Who ahh these people.” Eric imitated him best. I had to keep disappearing into the back office. I too couldn’t contain my laughter. Later I realized he was the beginning of the noise complaints which ended in a law suit from the retired lawyers judges and doctors who lived behind us on 13th St. That was 1986-7. Can you imagine trying to do that today?

  • Michael C.

Yeah –Eric had that guy down perfectly

“Boom -BoomBoom What the hells wrong with you people” –I almost forgot about that guy –He seemed to just kind of go away– I hope he wasn’t driven to suicide.

It probly didn’t help that at 5 am the morning after the move Pete and the gone fishn drumer(wish I could remember his name) & I jammed in studio B pre. AC with the window wide open.

Welcome to the neiborhood!!!

  • Jay W.

Oh man, Fred, I’m glad you confirmed that for me… I didn’t realize how close that poor guy’s window was… And yeah, imagine doing any of what you did as a wildman entrepreneur NOW in post-Rudy, post-Bloomberg NYC. Different town, no question. On the other hand, that poor guy wouldn’t be able to hold on to any decent real estate now either.

Jay, you have a sick memory, I had totally forgotten that you me and Doug jammed but now that you mention it I do recall that… wow… Wish I could hear what the hell THAT sounded like. Or maybe not.

  • Pete C.

It’s Amassing that I have I have any memory at al…..l considering my close affiliation with the beer machine. That’s a whole new topic — imagine that in ’06

  • Jay W.



CBGBs w/ Paul, Eric, Pete, Bosco, Fred, etc.


I still have soundboard cassette tapes of a couple Step Outside gigs from CBs in ’86 — the lineup with Paul holding down the bottom, me and Hubel on guitars, and Doug Ryan on drums. (I remember our band changed its name every time we got a new bass player, which was every year for 3 yrs in a row — we changed names more often than we played gigs! We were Sounds of Fishing in year 2, then when Paul joined up, we became Step Outside.)

I have a tape of one gig where Bosco and Fred jump onstage as “The Giant Horns” for an encore cover of Big Fat Love’s “Cold Rail”… and you can hear Michael Craig drunkenly yelling when we introduce Bosco.

And we do like a 10 minute version of “One Long Bad Trip”, that tune I wrote about my brother dosing the trick-or-treaters with LSD in the halloween candy when I was a kid.

Anybody have any cool recordings of Giant bands? I’d really like to hear any Interns, Boilers, etc. stuff that’s floating around out there… (Wacko’s got lots of cool stuff up on the Web including some of that old Swiss Army Bass/Johnny Skilsaw stuff.)

  • Pete C.


Was that gig the at a giant party at the “Voodoo Club” (off center theater)?? I remember a lot of shit about that night — Da Willys played last. I CLEARLY remember Willie passed out on the floor w/ a 40oz bud clutched in his hand– Rock & Roll baby

  • Jay W.

ow about the SOF gig at CB’s during the world series when I kept running up on stage with updates of the score? I was REALLY drunk that night! You guys are remembering all the great bands, and they were many (My personal fav Scab (previously Cut later to become Scar the all girl speed punk band who’s kids sang a rousing rendition of “Reality Street”). But how about the WORST band of all time: Letch Patrol! The lead singer used to have stuff thrown at him and would stage dive and people would jump out of the way so he would fall on the floor. Some punk at the studio said that he used to bring a big old slurpy to all of their gigs, just to throw it at him!

  • Michael C.

The CBs gig you’re talking about was not just any World Series game, but Game 7 of the Amazin’ Mets’ 1986 triumph of the Sawx. I’m not sure if I have that on tape, but I know we had changed to Step Outside by then, with Paul on the bass. Letch Patrol were indeed right up there with the worst of the worst. And if you wanna talk about cool girl bands, how about the one that started as FRENCH LETTER BANDITS and morphed intpo the very sexy PISTOL WHIPPED. That lead guitar player w/ the bleach blonde hair was awesome, and she had a kind of dark-lady Joan Jett style counterpart who was smokin’ hot! Then there was Spinster Playtime… Ahead of the curve on the Lez-rock scene, should be playing with Le Tigre and The Butchies today.

  • Pete C.

PISTOL WHIPPED evolved into “Everets Body” I recorded them –Oh man..Slone & that red head–

lets not forget the Lunachicks

I remember that night a CB’s what a fucking night!!

I remember Ted & I sort of passing out on that brick stuff on that little island across from st. vincents hosp.

I want to do that again sometime

Was Chicken John the main dude from Letch Patrol???

  • Jay W.


Learn To Drive – Rent A CAR

I have the 1/2 inch mixes from Bat Cave, at least I think they’re half inch, maybe quarter? I dont have the 8-track masters, I don’t think. They too need baking.

Ahhh, Dorfman, that guy was so cool. That was when we were Step Outside, definitely the best sounding stuff I was part of back then, Paul’s style really gave the band a cool drive. He played “Shortnin’ Bread” as the bass line to one song!

Yeah, the “Fez Sessions” did wind up being Dog Face Boy, it had that psychedelic new wave cover of Morning Dew on it, right? And that song in 6/8 called “Eye of the Chicken.” And the tune where all the lyrix were taken from the film classic “I Spit On Your Grave”? And my girlfriend at the time, Beth, came in all innocent and sang that stuff about “I’m gonna hang you from the highest tree…” Very weird song which I have no record of anywhere.

And the more I think about it, the more I think you’re right, that crash into the Learn to Drive sign DID happen when we were there, there was like this ungodly sound of steel and we all just jumped up to the ledge to see it…

1988, right?

  • Jay W.

I think I remember “The Fez Sessions” — I have tapes that are all boxed up, some mislabled & all need to be baked before they get transfered to somekind of useable formatt. It’s going to be a tough project -paul has the 8 track machine & we plan on getting it into working order at some point. I’ll Let you know If I have anyting when I get into pawing through the stacks. Sooner than later I hope. Do you still have any of that SOF bat cave stuff to dub off?? I’d love to get my hands on a coppy of that! Not sure—did you ever hear BFL “Hell House”?–has some of those great tunes from that era. I could swear that you were the guy that pointrd out the irony with the car crashed into a storefront wit “Learn To Drive” emblazened above.

  • Michael C.

I know it’s not funny, & then again — one night a guy & his girlfried ran their white tr-7 into the car rental place across the street — the guy was reeling in agony on the sidewalk while his girlfriend stood there with her arms crossed chewing gum.. Above them in huge letters “Learn To Drive -Rent A CAR”– I think I was recording Pete that night –anyone remember?

  • Jay W.

Man..some of these stories remind me how fuking burned out I am. I can hardly remember any of this shit. There are like 10 stories to be told in just these post ‘ead ‘urts.

  • Paul H.

Man, that kind of DOES ring a bell… Was that when you were recording Dog Face Boy? And by the way, would you have any tapes from that session?

  • Jay W.


Dino’s Sack



I’m really surprised that no one has posted yet about Dino Sax. I guess everyone’s still trying to repress the memories. But if you worked at Giant either in the last days of 38th or the first years of 14th, chances are at some point you would be doin’ business with the naked drummer.

Dino was a drummer who had a power trio of sorts, with 2 Polynesian brothers on bass and guitar. The brothers had bushy black hair and were skinny as hell, seemingly because they were serious speed freaks. When adjusting the PA for them, the guitarist/lead singer wouldn’t say “check one two,” he would yell “SOUND CHECK!!!” at the top of his lungs in a Geddy Lee-like high-pitched freakout. I think he played a Flying V.

But the real attraction was Dino, who disrobed for every rehearsal. Down to his sweat socks. Then he’d ask for like 8 mics — “Five for the drums, and three for the vocals.” He never seemed to take the hint that our PA’s were mostly 4-channel jobs and that miking the drum kit in an 8 by 10 room was pure insanity. He’d just come walking out to the desk with a trenchcoat on to cover his, um, manhood, and ask for more mikes. He’d inevitably saunter out mid-rehearsal too, for change. “Can I have 12 quarters?” He spoke in kind of a flat mutter and would’ve really been at home in the back row of a porno theatre on 42nd Street circa 1974.

The real tough part was having to go in to give them 10 minutes, then 5; they always ran over and he was ALWAYS NUDE. The inevitable jokes about handling the drum stool after his sessions were based on genuine revulsion and with damn good reason!!! I mean, as scummy as I was living back then, it couldn’t hold a candle to Dino’s ball sweat adorning our drum stools.

Dino was a real distinctive NYC character, another Giant regular who probably couldn’t be part of our new Disney-fied town. He had a strange pubic-looking beard that hung down off his chin and was often dyed blue, or rainbow colors. I used to see him on the street, both during and for years after my times at Giant. He was a bike messenger for years, and he went on to play for GG Allin (a good fit).

The last time I saw Dino play was at a historic show — the big Nirvana/Breeders gig at the New York Coliseum where now stands the Time Warner Center in Colombus Circle. The opening act was Jad Fair’s Half Japanese, a great weirdo underground band from the NYC/Hoboken scene of the 1980s. So I’m near the front, and thhe band starts playing, and I look up, and fuckin’ Dino Sax is playing drums for Half Japanese. And yes, he is 100 percent nude.

  • Pete C.

Ok so some of these memories are a little easier on the psyche than others…. repressed memory for sure!

  • ?

I was kind of thinking for Eric would have come along to give the keynote address on Dino but I think you dida great job here summing it up Pete Dose anyone remember “the helmet years” — That Chicken John guy told about a time that they were at a party somewhere when they were backing GG Allin. Dino flipped a chair over & started sticking one of it’s legs in his ass– To that he said “Dino, how many times have I gotta tell you not to fuck with the furniture”

  • Jay W.

Damn! I’m fat and all now, but at least I keep my clothes on! SHEESH!

  • ?

Oh my god..Dino Sax..or Dino Sachs …Ive found it spelled both ways.
Dino truly is on the top ten list of Giant characters. I wanted to post about him..but just couldnt get my brain around it. But now that Pete has broken the ice..

Dino’s main thing..besides playing drums, which he was actually pretty good at.. is that he likes to expose himself. Most of the time it was a subtle thing. He would stand in the main area and as people were paying he would drop his skintight biker shorts down exposing his ass and then pull them quickly back up. People would catch this out of the corner of their eye..and be like..what the fuck? a ‘did I just see what I thought I saw?’ look would appear on their face.

When you would go into a room to give him 5 minutes to get the fuck out he would be totally nude playing the drums. He had magazines spread out all around him. Mostly underwear catalogs, some softcore porn and Lunachick albums. Some people would get mad at him at shout at him to put his clothes back on..but most of us were like..yeah ..whatever man. We had seen it all and didnt even blink. It was actually a source of great amusement.

One time I was leaving Giant with my ex-wife and Eric Hubel. It was one of those brutaly cold, blusty and windy days…and as we got to the corner of 7th ave. and 14th st. there was Dino..He has his pants down to his ankles and his shirt hiked up presenting his naked body for all to see..I saw cars driving by gawking in amazement.. and as we started to pass him he turned and recognized us… He nodded his head and said “Hello” in a very casual way.

There are tons of Dino stories. Im sure that every day of that guys life is a story.

One of my favorites, told to me by the lead singer of Urban Scarecrow, is that Dino had been called at the last minute to sub for a drummer who couldnt make it to a gig. That gig was playing in this band that was supposed to play in the background for one of those PBS fundraisers that they have on televsion. It was a station in Connecticut I think. So sure enough Dino gets there and proceeds to freak everyone out by exposing himself and removing his they call the police and he gets arrested. He goes to court the next day and the judge books a court date and gives him like $100 fine or 30 days..and Dino was like..Ill take the Dino spent some time in jail. The actual figures are a blur..but you get the idea.

  • Paul H.

Wow, Paul, that jail time story is wild. I didn’t remember the magazines being spread out, when giving them the countdown, but that explains Jay’s comment about “Redbook” and Lunachicks records… Someone oughta write a biography, like you said, every day of Dino’s life must be a story.

  • Pete C.

If nothing else, you have to give the guy points for “style” It evolved to a point where he became strangely specific about the mags & whatnot strewn about him. Never porn…& then And then he started with the motorcycle helmet. (what the fuck can I say wearing a lumberjack hat & who really knows what worse at the time) If really want to see the glory –there’s an account of GG Allins funeral out there on the internet. It’s some webzine reporter relating exactly what he saw and we would expect. Dino was apparently in full forum doing his thing, that included LunaChicks records. I wish that I bookmarked it…or maybe not. It’s a trip to hear a 23rd persons account Was it Dave Scott that he used to play with when he was semi normal on 38th st?

  • Pete C.



Kenny Jack from Angat

Kenny Jack

Mark Fisher
Mark Fisher
Joe Thunderhead
Joe Thunderhead
Tommy Fish
Tommy Fish
Tommy Fish
Tommy Fish
Michael Antelis
Michael Antelis

Angat was the first rock band I played in in New York. By putting a trombone thru a harmonizer and into a Marshall I became the rhythm guitar. The band consisted of Mark – lead singer, Joe Thunderhead – lead guitar, Kenny Jack – Band Leader and Bass, Brian – Drums, and me. Angat was a Gothic Deathrock band. The word Angat means ‘when the devil comes to earth as a serpent’. We played a few Giant Nights, which were basically parties where 5 or 6 bands from the studio would perform while everybody else drank the free beer, usually kegs of Brooklyn Lager. I made sure there was plenty. In these pictures we are recording a song called ‘Post Time’, a song about a compulsive gambler. We eventually made a video using the tracks recorded on the 8-track at Giant. It was in fact at that video shoot where I met my future wife Ellin who was a production assistant at the time.

The Wonderful White Piano

Piano Keyboard

So I break up with my girlfriend and move to w38th St., the heart of the music rehearsal district. It’s Fall 1983 or 4 — I was a pretty good piano player & I needed a place to practice so I crack open “The Voice” & see this ad for Giant “Talk to “The Doc” — So It turns out that the place is nearly across the street so I call & it seems I can weasel my way in there & practice for a mere $5 bucks an hour. So I head over one afternoon & get in the elevator somewhere around the 4th floor I start to hear this strange din –I get up to 6 & the door opens and cautiously walk into most chaotic shit my green self had ever seen or heard. I make my way down this hallway of studios where the totality of conflicting music makes the floor do one thing, the walls do another — but there’s nothing quite like a sudden stray bass note rattles the tin ceiling in a way that makes you realize you’ve just entered rock & roll hell. So I make my way down the hall–there’s punk rock & reggae flyers every where & these really cool Sean Taggart posters. I get to the desk/reception area & there’s Mike, He make’s me feel right at home.

Studio “A” was open and happened to be a big funky room with this beat to shit looking white grand piano. So I sat down at it &was pleasantly surprised. The thing sounded & felt wonderful.

So over the next few weeks I get back in to play & gradually get to know the crazy cast of characters who work at or frequent the place. Some of these guys are serious musicians with a real scene going on while most of the bands/clients were punk/ska /death medal/ hard core/ ….whatever flew .. the place was kind of like a skating rink or bowling ally.

So one day .. a few weeks in I’m playing the piano in studio A —- at this point I don’t think they were even charging me any more …In the room Fred (the low key proprietor of Giant) was struggling to put this huge air conditioner in what was once a window. I helped him out with it and soon enough got drawn into the Giant work force.

I was to become “A Studio Guy”

And then what happened?

So my first night was going smooth until this kid comes out of studio C and asks for help with the PA– So I go in & this Metal crack head kid is standing on the Smiley Bros piano– I take a look at the pa (one of those solid state Yamahas with the knobs on top.It didn’t look quite right .. there was a knocked over mike stand near by & I pieced together that the kid let loose on the board with the mike stand bottom — but what the fuck did I know — was the board like that before ?? there was a lot of beat up gear at giant. The interns were all down the hall in Jimmy D’s rehearsing Paul & Michael dealt with it somehow– I think the band was called Nevermore– Nevermoreand after that they NEVER rehearsed at Giant any MORE.

It’s funny how a (at that time) skinny little punk like me (even with Paul’s muscle) could walk into a room with some deranged punks and BAN THEM FOR LIFE! As I recall I had two beers on the way into the room and three after it was over just to CHILL.. I guess I ruined that rehearsal that night!

Jimmy Daniel

Jimmy Daniel

Jimmy Daniel was, and probably still is, the embodiment of a what is a musician. At 38th St. Giant he lived and breathed music. When he wasn’t practicing his drums he was playing them out live with one of the multitude of bands that he played with. He had his own projects as well as hiring himself out to anyone that would pay and he was in demand because he played like mutha fucka!

Jimmy rented a room for awhile at Giant that was just off to your left as you got off the eleveator into a small entrance way. The other door on your right led to the rest of Giant.

He grew up in Indiana and played drums from an early age ending up in John Cougar Mellencamp’s band in the years leading up to his first huge success. Jimmy told me that they tried all kinds of styles and gimmicks, one of them being a glam band wearing make up and women’s clothing.

Micheal Craig and I started jamming some reggae music with Jimmy. At that time we were in The New Interns of Dub. This led to a band being formed that included future The Interns band members Marlon Graves and Ray Martin. We would play reggae covers of Bob Marley, Steel Pulse and such.

He was a great person to know. He always had great stories to tell and his love for music and musical energy would rub off on you and spurn you on to play as great as he did.

Jimmy had this stencil that he identified everything he gigged with that said “shut-up-and-play” I spray-painted it on my guitar case. It really said everything about his attitude! “That’s the SHIT” he would say when the groove really hit the pocket. Jimmy’s love for music and support of people like me (and to a lesser extent Paul, because Paul has TALENT), really made me feel musically comfortable, even around professional musicians. A huge influence on me and the Interns, I can’t thank Jimmy enough for everything he ever did for me!

Stockard Channing

Stockard Channing

Famous actress Stockard Channing was one of the residents of the building on 38th street. I was a pretty big fan of hers, but she gave me a strange look when I got off on the 6th floor and was never incredibly friendly after that.

Stockard Channing
Stockard Channing

Mario Mendoza

The 1st Giant was a place where a diverse group found a place where, even if they didn’t fit in, they were still accepted. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with such a diverse crowd. My earliest days there were with a band called the Interns of Dub. My downstairs neighbor in Brooklyn, Eddy, was a fixture, holding late night jam sessions that included all sorts of players (including some of the guys from Motorhead). I started working at Giant about 3 months later. Fred had actually just gotten back from some trip and Fred’s assistant had been watching the store. At that point there were some very nefarious characters populating the space (rumor had it that in Fred’s absence the kitchen area had been turned into a staging and weighing station for some very bad guys). Upon Fred’s return and my employment, Fred hired one of the greatest Giant characters ever: Mario Mendoza. The competitive weightlifter and erstwhile guitarist was a fixture at 38th street. He was hired as the cleaning crew, but Mario was much more than that. Part janitor, part bodyguard, part bouncer, Mario would make his presence known to everyone who entered the place. As he would clean, he would pick up everything in his path. “Is this yours?” he would ask as he tried to clean around the desk. Moving around the waiting area, “Is this yours?” as he moved guitars of band members waiting to get into rooms. I remember saying that he wasn’t being very accommodating to customers but I guess that was his prerogative. He responded to me “It’s not my prerogative, it’s my choice!” He could be the mellowest guy you ever met then in an instant you could say something completely innocuous and it would cause him to snap. Trust me a pissed off Mario was the last thing that ANYONE at Giant wanted to see. I must admit that he is one of the few people in my life I ever thought might actually KILL me. We had legendary disagreements that I’m sure know one could tell you what they were about. But he was Mario, and he was a major part of that era of Giant. Fred made sure that the mix at Giant was always… eclectic.

Mario competed in the Olympics (not sure what year) and won silver or bronze in the clean and jerk. He was friends with Arnold Shwartzenegger back in the days. He told me that he grew up in Belize (I think?). His mother worked for a diplomat and he was treated as part of the family. At least this is what he told me.

A great Mario story comes to mind. The landlord of the building was running the freight elevator..and somehow Mario got into some huge screaming argument with him. The landlord was so offended that he went to the basement and turned of all of the electricity to Giant. This was while several bands were rehearsing in the rooms. Mario continued to scream at the top of his lungs at the landlord next to the elevator shaft. I heard one of the rooms shouting help. The whole place was pitch black. I went to try and get them out of the room and the doorknob came off in my hand. So here was the studio with no light..and a mad man screaming his head off with the band not knowing what the hell was going on.

Of course we cant forget “Rent a Pick”. Being a resourceful man Mario had put a sign up that said “Rent a Pick.. 5 cents”. He would sell drumsticks and such…run out for food and drinks.

He truly was one of the great Giant characters.

He made an apperance years later. He said he was driving a van around the U.S. with a young woman accompanying him.

Just found these from my parents house.

Astrud Gilberto

Astrud Gilberto

Michael reminds me that Astrud Gilberto (The Girl From Ipanema) rehearsed at Giant more than a few times. I can still smell her perfume. It was kind of like a patchouli oil… when ever I smell it I hear her sweet sexy voice! I wonder if she heard of us from one of the Latin or Brazilian groups who used the studio. Stan Getz rehearsed a quartet at Giant early on. They knew each other so that could be the hookup. I’m pretty sure this is a picture of her. It was taken during that time, 1982-83.

Loren Schoenberg

Loren Schoenberg

A big band from back in the day that stuck it out was Loren Schoenberg. He was kind of a tool, but the band was good. I’d have to get in extra early and set up all the music stands for the band. They were those “Big Band type stands” made from cardboard not the metal ones. Loren could be a real jerk. One time he was in the big room during the day (renting it for $10 an hour) and told me that the band in studio F (right as you walked in the door) was too loud and I’d have to tell them to turn down. It was my favorite Hardcore all girl heroin band Scab. I said “Loren these girls are paying just as much money for you and you won’t be able to hear them once you get into you room and close both doors so chill the fuck out.” I think that might have been the last time he came in.

The Fly/Buy Extraviganza

I never really liked Burger King (and I can’t eat it at ALL now) but the fly buy extravaganza started when Burger King put out a coupon for a buy one get one free whopper. I ate SO many whoppers and Wasco went and got them for me! I don’t remember how we ended up with so many coupons but we had a shit load of them and used them almost every day! Thanks for running Jay! I’ll buy you a beer from the machine too (oh wait, I have the KEYS!)

  • Michael C.

No — I have the keys  (for the beer machine) I owe Fred $28,000 I remember just about everything — but the BK treck less then I should. I do remember a trek skiing w/ you, Joe Bannon and Sara Green — To this day that’s the best time I’ve ever fucking had. You’re the dude that opened up your arms to me & brought me into Giant. I’m not kidding when I say that that’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me.. Thanks man –miss you dude–

  • Jay W.

The first Giant T-Shirt in red

Here is the first shirt in red. The back is the same as the second one but with less names.


  • Paul H.

I still have my red one, it’s in great shape, cuz basically I had one of each and I wore out the black one and the white one before I wever broke the seal on the red one! It’s a fuckin’ HEIRLOOM!

  • Pete C.

Studio L,M,N,O construction October 1986

There was a plumbing school on the 3rd floor. Here is Fred P. consulting with the plumber teacher from that school. Rooms had to be build so they didn’t conceal any sprinkler system shutoff valves.


Classic Giant drums



Jeff Meyers vacuuming. In those days NYC was raw. People would put their cigarettes out right on the carpet.


Studs and sheetrock. You know the drill.


Fred P. with a classic set of Giant drums.


Walls of hardware at Giant 14th.


Walls of crap at Giant 14th St.


More crap


And yet more crap


Fred P. and his pops.


A young Fred P.


L. Dub Bunny AKA Michael Craig AKA L. Michael Craig.


Front room at Giant 14th St.

Where the fuck is my tail (aka Bitch the Cat)

Bitch the cat was the Giant cat for many years. We rescued her from living in the basement of the building 123 W.14th st. She was terrified at first of all the people and band noise but gradually acclimated to her surroundings and roamed the rooms and hung out with bands all over the large top floor space.

The photo is not her but kind of looks like her and has her swagger and street smarts.

Comments follow.


People would always ask..”awwww..whats the cats name?”. And you would have to reply, truthfully…”Bitch!” One time Bitch got her tail caught in the big metal door to Jays apartment/studio and it ripped off an inch or 2 of skin off of her tail so that just the bone was exposed. People would go “awwww..hey kitty…aww..err..akkkkk!!!” and pull their hand back quickly in horror. Jay and I finally decided that it was best to cut it off. I held her and Jay bravely snipped off the exposed bone. She didn’t even flinch.

  • Paul H.


I’ll never forget out near the desk, Adam Youch goes to to pet her(him) less than a week after the incident- runs his hands from Bitch’s head to tail like anyone would pet a cat — his hand shot up real fast when he got the last part of the tail– I’ll never forget the look on his face. a portion of the cat’s tail was sheered off in a door but there was this dried out bone that remained. Bitch (or Ed or Alice that we attempted to call her) was still a stray at that point She lived in the basement for some time under “Henry rule” When she first came up she hid in a pile of construction shit on the east side of the loft for about a month & a half The first time that I saw her acting social was seeing her hanging directly outside of studio N while “The False Prophets” were playing with their door wide open. After that she finally came out front. She (he) became a great pet & friend to us all She died at my studio on 27th st. We all did what we could but Alex & co footed a big vets bill from an abscessed tooth -the meds closed in. From my research — that cat lived more than 20 years. Not bad & not really that much younger than ANY of us at the time

  • Jay W.


Yeah. I had to put up more than a cat should. someone talk to me, or just feed me from my dinosaur bowl…ahhh screw yous all, I’m going back out on the ledge.

  • Bitch the Cat

Bag Kites


Bag kites were one of the many fun diversions at the studio. Jay Wacko invented this contraption in his laboratory/apartment. All you would need for a bag kite was a large black garbage bag and a cassette tape rewinded to the beginning. There were no shortage of cassette tapes as just about every band had one. You pull the tape out and break it and then you tie that to a corner of the garbage bag. Giant was on the 7th floor and the front windows looked out to 14th street. Not that much wind was needed to launch the bag kite out the window. A simple opening up of the bag would allow the wind to open it up and take off. Like a kite you could feed it out as far as you wanted and have a little control of where it went. There were times that we would get the bag kite almost all the way down to 6th ave. at which point you could barely see it. The best was when you could get it to go down and hover over the sidewalk. People would walk by amazed at this large open garbage bag floating above them. Once there was party on the roof across the street and we got it hovering just above them. The whole party just stood there and with bewilderment, because at night you couldn’t really see the tape that controlled it, as they tried to figure out what the hell it was and how it was there menacing above them.

  • Paul H.


Copernicus Tour of Europe 1989


Fred P. played with Copernicus. He was and I’m sure still is a crazy mofo.

This tour happened right around the time of the Berlin Wall coming down I think? Maybe Fred will post more about this?

  • Paul H.

Actually the Berlin Wall came down after that tour. I was tagging along on my sister Betsy’s tour which started in France and traveled up the Rhine River into Germany. She was the featured soloist with the Frankfurt Orchestra. After a gig we would find a wine house to hang out in. The vineyard was usually the back yard of some 600 year old stone house, so we would order a bottle and look at the grapes that made the wine from the back window. Anyway, the gig on November 9, 1989 was in Metz France. Earlier that day we had visited the Douaumont Ossuary. It was my birthday so after the gig we went to a wine house and ordered their best bottle. About an hour later a sudden cheer roared through the crowd and many bottles were being consumed rapidly. I turned to Betsy and said, “Well you found the right place for my birthday celebration!” She asked around and found out that the Berlin Wall had just fallen.

  • Fred P.

Copernicus website

Giant T-shirt Black Front and Back


The much desired and hard to find Black Giant T-shirt.

I wish I had more. Actually this is the last one. And I had to dig to the bottom of my t-shirt dresser ( I must have 500 in there ) to find this one. I have asked Hammy if he has the black, older shirt. I always gave him Giant shirts to wear on gigs with Black 47.

  • Fred P.

The Band List A-Z from the back of the shirt:

A Kings
Accidental Tribe
After Image
Aggravated Assault
Agnostic Front
Alice Donut
All For One
All Of Us
Angel Rot
Astrid Gilberto
Baby Flies
Bah Gah
Bee Me Seed
Big Fat Love
Big Fence
Big Game
Big Hoot
Big Stick
Black 47
Black Light
Black Orchids
Black Strap
Blessing In Disguise
Blind Rage
Blood Sister
Blood Suckers
Blue Jays
Born Against
Buzz By
Cahgo Cult
Cap’n Crunch
Captain Blackburn
Captain Bug
Chemical Wedding
Chll Hoga
Chucky Suicide And The Velvetones
Circus Of Power
Citizens Arrest
City Beat
Club Fred
Column Five
Common Haus
Counter Attack
Crash Club
Crash Conference
Crazy Not To
Cro Mags
Crocodile Shop
Cross To Bear
Crucial Force
Crunch Berries
Cryptic Cookies
Cult Failure
Cunning Linguists
Curving Dog
D. Saxmo
Da Willys
Dad Bought A Gun
Dance Hall Road
Dashboard Mary
Dave Donut
Dead Tired
Dean Of The Weenies
Deans Of Discipline
Death In A Box
Department Of Corruption
Diet Tribes
Dino Sax
Dog Felt Days
Dot Dash
Dow Jones
Dueling Dogs
Electric Circus
Electric Skin
Elevator Men
Emerald City
Everets Body
Everything Must Go
Exciting Lives
Exit 21
Expletive Deleted
Fade To Black
Falafel Mafia
False Prophets
Fast Lane
Fat And Ugly
Final Liquidation
Final Notice
Flavor Chamber
Flea Circus
Flophouse Society Orchestra
Fly Ash Tray
Flying Sheldons
Fractured Cylinder
Free Enterprise
French Twist
Friends Of The Family
From Outer Space
Front Line
Full Of Noise
Funk Nervosa
G Jam
Gang Bang Gang
Gary Korb And The Wrecks
Girl Scouts
Gods Crotch
Golden Dawn
Gorilla Biscuits
Grease Monkeys
Great Wall
Greese Monkeys
Guilty Pleasures
Guns And Fish
Gut Bank
Hammer Brain
Heads Up
Heart Worm
Hell Hounds
Hell In A Handbasket
Hit By A Truck
Holiday Slides
Holy Crow
House Of God
Imaginary Boys
Insane Unknown
Invisible Culture
Jerry Lewis’ Hair
John Barley Corn
Johnny Skilsaw
Joyful Noise
Juice Pool
Just Us
Kimio Therapy
King Of Kings
Kitchen Ethics
Knockout James
Lack Head
Larry Band
Last Child
Lee Way
Life Blood
Life In A Blender
Liquid Faction
Live Skull
Lonesome Debonaires
Lorry Doll
Lost Patrol
Lost Tribe
Loud and Boisterous
Love Band
Love Warrior
Low Flying Planes
Luna Chicks
Magic Mechanism
Magnetic Touch
Making Rain
Malicious Intent
Matthews Bros
Me And My Friend Graham
Men Who Cook
Mental Abuse
Michael Carvin
Microwave Shower
Midnite Mover
Milk Paper
Miracle World
Mommy Heads
Monkey House
Monster Dog Wagon
Montego Joe
Mr Thing
Mrs Whitehead
Mt Calf
Murphy’s Law
My Sick Friends
Mystery Girls
Ned Sublet
Neon Scream
Nervous Rex
Nite Caps
No Control
Noise Control
Nuclear Assault
NY Sheiks
Of A Mesh
On The Fringe
One Fish Two Fish
Open Wide
Our American Cousins
Over Reaction
Pe De Boi
Peebles And The Beach
Pell Mell
Perry Mason Loses
Phantom Tollbooth
Pierce Turner
Pistol Whipped
Porn Dogs
Porno Dracula
Potato Lake
Primary Colors
Printed Matter
Prior Knowledge
Proud Flesh
Psychotic Episode
Public Nuisance
Pussy Galore
Pussy Willows
Raging Slab
Rain Dance
Raunch Hands
Razor And The Blades
Reckless Pursuit
Red Beard
Red Guard
Red House
Red Light District
Regan Youth
Rhesus Beat
Rising Tide
Road Accident
Road Kill
Rockmaster J
Roo Ha Ha
Route 66
Sarcastic Orgasm
Scotland Yard
Seasons Greetings
Second Step
Secret Lovers
Send Money
Set The Tone
Severe Dog Leg
Sexy Cigarette
Sharkys Machine
Sharp Edge
Shaved Pigs
Sheer Terror
Sick Of It All
Side By Side
Sign Of Change
Ska Danks
Skinner Box
Smoke Budda
Smokin Gas Truck
Snake Hips
Social Insecurity
Social Suicide
Soma Holiday
Sonic Assault
Soul Assassins
Sounds Of Fishing
Spineless Yesmen
Spinster Playtime
Squirrels From Hell
Steel Empire
Step Outside
Still Life
Stir By Still
Straight Ahead
Straighten Up
Stuey Blue
Suber Bebop
Swill Seekers
System Of Touch
Tear To Open
The Archers
The Back Yards
The Boilers
The Brandos
The Breakers
The Bureaucrats
The Clintons
The Deadbeats
The Difference
The Diggers
The Dubs
The Exterminators
The Feds
The Flexbirds
The Freuds
The Funkless Wonders
The Manacled
The Motives
The New Creatures
The Outriders
The Press
The Principals
The Radicts
The Rump Rollers
The Scene
The Senders
The Take
The Triplets
The Ushers
The Vines
The Yuh Boys
Thick As Thieves
Third Degree
Three Rock Gods
Tide Breaker
Token Entry
Tom and Paul
Tommy Dog
Too Heavy
Tool Party
Total Strangers
Tough Buffalo
Toy Toy Toy
Trigger Vision
Trip Six
Tula Vera
Turf Burger
Ultra Five
Ultra Violence
Uncle Fester
Under Pressure
Various Freaks
Victims Of Circumstance
Vote Of Confidence
Wake The Snail
Wanda And The Way It Is
War Mongers
Wax Tadpoles
We Be
Wee Doggies
Wet Meat
When Worlds Collide
White Zombie
Wonder Dogs
X-Rated Grapes
Young Turks
Youth Of Today


Giant Doors

Giant doors had many years and layers of NYC graffiti. All of the NYC hardcore scene tagged on these doors as did many others.

Here are some pictures of the Giant doors from 14th St. that now live at the studio on 28th. When we were building the studio we told Fred that we needed doors. Out of the kindness of his heart he told us we could have some doors from the then closed down empty floor. Fred, Alex and I (and maybe someone else?) went down with a truck and a few crowbars and hammers, let ourselves in and proceeded to hack out 14 doors. When we were just about done one of the day supers came up and started to yell at us. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?!.. you cant do this!! Im phoning Henry!!!”. Fred started yelling back at him that these were his doors and he could take them if he pleased. Meanwhile we hurried the last of the doors out the back. These doors definitely convey the madness and anarchy that was Giant.

  • Paul H

The End of 38th St

Giant 38th ends with a bang

It was the 6th year on 38th St. My 5 year lease was up and I was flying month to month with no lease. My landlord John Iraqi would come up the first of every month to collect the rent and hint that I should look for a new space. He was converting everything to offices and said I didn’t fit with the rest of the building anymore…dah. The writing was on the wall, literally. I started checking the paper for a new space. My morning ritual was a giant cup of coffee and the New York Times real estate section. Many of the ads were the same each day so I could scan the few pages in about 10 minutes. If something fit I would call and make an appointment. Usually I was disappointed. The space was either the wrong shape, the wrong location, or was already to upscale to tolerate the organized chaos which seemed to follow me everywhere in those days. Mostly though I didn’t want to move and more importantly I didn’t believe I would have to move.
A few more months went by. One first of the month, John came up looking a bit disheveled and red in the face. I knew the look. He had been up most of the night drinking. He said “Look, I can’t protect you any more. I’m selling the building. The new owner wants to make a deal with you. Whatever he says, take it.” I said I would meet with him. His name was Mr. Colon. I’m not kidding; OK maybe it was spelled with a K. Anyway, we met at his penthouse office in lower Manhattan. His office had this incredible view over the water. I swear you could see clear out to the ocean. It was me, John, Mr. Colon, and his trophy secretary who took notes the whole time. He offered me 3 months to get out or else. I told him it would take him at least a year to legally throw me out and he wouldn’t be collecting any rent during that time. John looked at me amazed. He pulled me aside and said “Take the deal. You don’t know who you’re dealing with.” My mind was racing. I had a few thousand in the bank but not enough to get, build, and move into a new place. I never thought I would have to move. I hadn’t planned on John selling the building. Now I just admitted I could be out in a year. It was really over.
I went back to the table, sat down and said nothing. Mr. Colon wiped the mustard from his now finished sandwich off his lower lip. It was then I realized he had scheduled me during his lunch hour. I was small fry. He shot an annoying glance at John as if to say, I thought this was going to be done by now. He said, “So do we have a deal?” No, I want one year with no rent. I felt John’s foot under the table. Mr. K said 3 months only and I’ll through in the no rent. John piped in “Take it, Take it!” Back and forth we went fast and furious for what seemed an eternity; was probably only a minute. 11 months no rent. 4 months with no rent. 10months; no 5; 9; 6; 8; 6; 8; 6; 8; 6; then John kicked me under the table again and “6 months no rent” just popped out of my mouth. OK they both said in unison. OK, Game over – he won. He was good. Better than me. But at least now I had the money to move. But to where.
Hold that thought, because at that exact moment, a huge red thunder bolt came out of nowhere shaking the glass office windows. It sounds like a cliche, but it’s the God’s honest truth. The three of them jumped in their chairs. I didn’t move a muscle. Remember, I’m used to loud noises. But it was weird. When I looked out I could only see a couple small clouds, not enough to have created that disturbance.
John was the first to stand up. I waited for Mr K to rise. He did and finally said something nice to me. If I needed help finding a space he would help me or something to that effect. I let him finish, but wasn’t really listening. I stood up, said thank you, and headed for the door. The secretary held out papers in front of me; to sign I suppose. Ignoring her, I turned to Mr. K and said “6 months no rent, I’ll be out” and walked out. I never saw Mr K again.

  • Fred P.

Fred was never the most talkative or open guy in the world, in fact he always played his cards very close to the chest. I still don’t know if Fred ever even liked me that much. But at that point I was there with him every day, I wasn’t there much at night (unless we were rehearsing), but in the day it wasn’t as busy. Well it wasn’t a constant cacophony any how. I remember Fred coming in from his house on the lower east side (way before he became a New Jersey land baron), and he said “One word is our future: “Yamamoto”. I asked him what the fuck that meant, he replied “You’ll find out soon enough, just remember Yamamoto”! I don’t even think he told me about the deal he and Iraqui had struck, I don’t even think I knew that we were being kicked out at this point. I should say that Fred may have actually informed me of what was transpiring, I just didn’t register it at the time. My mind was pretty used up at the time. I just remember the cryptic word “Yamamoto”.

  • Michael C.

Yo El Dub Bunny, Michael, man, I love you guys! I marveled at your abilities then. I used to see your Branola bread commercial on TV all the time. I was so proud that you worked at the studio. Your first day of work you introduced yourself as Michael Gregg. I never understood that whole story. Pure Prarie League was in Studio A and the whole PA blew up. You jumped right in and helped me switch out almost every cabinet in the place. Some of my fondest memories are hanging out at your apartment in Brooklyn with you and Laurie watching TV. Giant was my social life and you were a part of that. One of my worst times was having your day shift taken away because of noise complaints. But that was reality. It was that or lose the whole place. Giant was a huge headache for me and very stressful. I never knew when the next bomb was going to drop. Paul put the best. “It was like standing under a drain pipe with sewage pouring on your head, and it never stops.” We shared a lot of times. Looking back; they were some of the best times ever.
On a sad note, my sister Betsy died on Dec 29th. I’ve been home since the 12th and had some good chunks of time to talk with and be with her. She was my musical mentor.
Elizabeth Parcells

  • Fred P.

Yamamoto was the Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto of the Japanese Navy, (1884-1943)
Actually, Michael, I meant Yamoto, lead ship of a class of two 65,000-ton (over 72,800-tons at full load) battleships, was built at Kure, Japan. She and her sister, Musashi were by far the largest battleships ever built.

My brother Charlie was a model ship builder. He said I should get a space that could become the biggest rehearsal studio in NY. It was partly his influence which caused me to tackle such an impossible task. I was truly possessed.

  • Fred P.